Omaha Parks Foundation

Legacy for Omaha
Established as a nonprofit organization in 2010, the Omaha Parks Foundation’s mission is to bring together the resources necessary to enhance the quality of Omaha’s park system. The Foundation helps support parks and recreation facilities owned by the City of Omaha. Giving an unrestricted gift to the foundation allows for the greatest amount of flexibility to apply these funds where they are needed most.
The work of the Omaha Parks Foundation will impact the community in many positive ways. It will help provide destinations – some exciting, some peaceful – that encourage wellness and a healthy lifestyle. It will beautify the city, making it vibrant and attractive to potential residents and companies looking to relocate. It will improve facilities and expand programming to establish Omaha’s parks as a model for the rest of the country.
By encouraging philanthropic support and investment in a valued community resource, the Omaha Parks Foundation will facilitate the future of the city’s parks system, offering citizens the opportunity to leave a legacy for generations to come!

Opportunities for Giving
The Omaha Parks Foundation is supported by donations from individuals, other foundations, private businesses, groups, trusts, estates, and corporations. Donations to the Omaha Parks Foundation may include gifts of:
• Cash donations • Securities • Real estate • Life insurance
• Charitable trusts • Bequest through an estate plan or will
All gifts are tax deductible in accordance with Federal and Nebraska state laws.
For more information about the Omaha Parks Foundation or how to contribute, please contact Amber Miller at 402-926-8299

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