Omaha Bike-Share System Expands

Eleven Stations with 57 Bicycles Now Available to Residents and Tourists

  Now in its fourth season, Omaha B-cycle, a bike sharing program, unveils three new kiosks downtown, bringing the total to 11 in Omaha, with 57 bicycles.

 “Between all of the cultural and entertainment opportunities in Omaha, tourism is thriving,” said Ben Turner, program director. “We believe Omaha having a strong and successful bike sharing program will add another reason for visitors to discover this great city.”

 But bike share programs like this aren’t just for visitors, they serve residents who can simply check out a bicycle and pedal to their destination. The bikes feature lights, a built-in bike lock, and handlebar basket to carry their belongings.

 “Omaha residents, like all Americans, struggle to maintain physical activity in their daily lives,” explained Anne Meysenburg, executive director for Live Well Omaha. “Encouraging bicycling and walking is part of the solution. Programs like B-cycle help integrate healthy, physical activity into everyday travel – fostering active lifestyles.”

 The program launched on 2011 in Aksarben Village and University of Nebraska at Omaha, expanded downtown in 2013 and today. The system is currently operating five kiosks in Aksarben Village/UNO campus and six kiosks in downtown Omaha with a total of 57 bicycles.

 “We are meeting with local corporations as we work to expand our presence throughout the city, eventually allowing people to use the system all across metro,” Turner said.

The B-cycle program is made possible through private and corporate sponsorships, becoming self-sufficient through individual rides and memberships. The latest expansion was funded by the Nebraska Environmental Trust. With support, Turner expects the program to expand permanently. “A larger bike sharing system will provide an excellent solution to some of the transportation challenges found in our city.”

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